Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The benefits of drama in education are indisputable!

Our students and teachers shine bright! 
The second semester has started and all classes are back in full action!
The Helen O'Grady edudrama classes started 1979, when and actress and education specialist Helen O'Grady saw the huge need to develop children's and adult's confidence and communication. She realized the only key to success in life is to be spontaneous and expressive speaker. Helen O'Grady created an amazing creative programme, using performing arts, to bring out the innate ability of all students joining. The academy has now become the largest international drama school worldwide promoting self-expression, a commitment to learning and positive behavior. 

Some of the main benefits of our program include: 
Encourage self- expression in the form of idea sharing and confidence building
Increase a commitment to learning and leadership
Teaches problem solving, decision making, building self-esteem and self-discipline and acquire skills in cooperation and group problem solving.
Help participants become more comfortable working with others
Boost Positive self- expression and participation in leadership roles

Join us and become the best version of yourself!

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