Monday, March 15, 2021

Positive effects of drama in reading and comprehension

Research shows drama positively affects reading and comprehension! 

Recent research from South Carolina University reveals the positive effects of drama teaching in the appreciation of reading and understanding of literature in schools.  The following outcomes were discovered:

1. The use of drama pedagogy strategies in the English classroom provides teachers with a way to increase student engagement and make reading an active and visible behaviour.

2. Students become more independent in their reading and rely less upon the teacher for the analysis of the literature. 

3. The students involved in this action research practiced close reading skills that led them to a comprehension level they had not indicated prior to the intervention. 

4. The findings of this study suggest that drama pedagogy was successful in helping students comprehend Shakespeare’s language, improved students’ attitudes toward the reading of Shakespeare, and increased students’ perception of their empathy for others.


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